The New Album "SHAPES"

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"With all the pieces in place, CD done and the release party nearly upon them, Atlas is looking ahead to the new year and opportunities. “We are excited now that the record is done. After (the release party), we are going to branch out a bit more.”
- Mike AllshouseThe Swerve Magazine
"Atlas makes a show of its versatility: While maintaining a contemporary vibe, the band jumps from gypsy rock ("Breathe In") to post-new wave ("At the Water's Edge") and danceable post-punk. "
- Andy MulkerinPittsburgh City Paper
"Jon plays keyboards in The Chad Sipes Stereo. He has another band in Pittsburgh called ATLAS and he just sent me a tune called 'At The Water's Edge' from their debut EP, which arrives in October. Along with his buddy and fellow band member Mike, they were cool enough to participate in this, the finale of our week-long extravaganza known as First/Last."
- Hugh TwymanHugh's Shows
"They've got a few upcoming local shows, including one tomorrow (Tuesday) night at the Hot Topic at Pittsburgh Mills(!) and a Valentine's Day show at the Hard Rock Cafe. Check their site for more."
- Andy MulkerinPittsburgh City Paper
"They were dark days for Atlas, those months after former drummer Nick McCall left to move out west. The remaining members practiced to a drum machine; they tried out drummers from Craigslist, many of whom showed up wearing drum gloves."
- Andy MulkerinPittsburgh City Paper